Copilot breeding cooperative 

The Copilot Breeding Cooperative’s mission is to build a community of people who are interested in breeding functional pet dogs. What is a functional pet dog? It’s a dog bred for great health and great temperament that will thrive as a family pet.

Our Mission

The objective of the Copilot Breeding Cooperative is to produce healthy, temperamentally sound dogs whose primary purpose is providing companionship to humans, while simultaneously collecting data and developing best practices for the breeding of pet dogs.

Our Goals

  • To maintain a population of breeding dogs in a manner consistent with their health and happiness
  • To be a sustainable source of healthy, temperamentally sound pet dogs to the general public seeking ethically sourced puppies
  • To establish and maintain a pedigree registry and database for companion dogs containing health and temperament data that can be used for scientific study and to inform breeding choices
  • To provide support to member breeders including, but not limited to: access to breeding stock, assistance with placing retired dogs and breeding prospects, mentorship, financial support for testing and veterinary care, access to expert advice including that informed by the study of shared data 


There are two membership levels:

  • General Membership: includes membership in our Facebook group and the ability to register dogs. Open to anyone willing to sign an agreement to follow the co-op’s ethical standards.
  • Voting Membership: includes the above plus access to stud book listings, eligibility to participate in co-op decisions and other benefits. Open to those who own at least one dog registered in the co-op pedigree database and have bred at least one litter registered within the co-op database.

Benefits for All Members:

  • Ability to register qualified adult dogs and puppies in the pedigree database
  • Expert guidance about health and temperament testing
  • Access to data collected by the co-op

Benefits for Voting Members:

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Access to the co-op studbook
  • Financial support for testing when it becomes available (voting members only)
  • Assistance placing breeding prospects into guardian or co-own homes, and retired dogs into long-term homes through the co-op website and social media presence

Members are expected to abide by:

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To learn more about breeding cooperatives, visit the Breeding Cooperatives page.

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