Copilot breeding cooperative 

The Copilot Breeding Cooperative’s mission is to build a community of people who are interested in breeding functional pet dogs. What is a functional pet dog? It’s a dog bred for great health and great temperament that will thrive as a family pet.

The goal of the co-op is to create a community of people who are breeding toward this goal. Pure bred? Welcome! Mixed breed? Welcome! Our goals are to provide a supportive environment for sharing ideas, experience and gene pools.

Membership is by application. Once you join, you will be added to our budding Slack channel and listed on the website as a member.

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Membership Benefits

  • Looking for a stud? Looking to add a female to your program? Let’s work together
  • Supportive and collaborative environment of like-minded breeders
  • Share ideas, ask for advice and tell us about your program
  • Mentorship for new breeders 

Membership Requirements 

Members are expected to abide by the guiding statements of the FDC as well as the following guidelines: 

  • Commit to responsible and ethical breeding of functional pet dogs
  • Breed toward the standard of a functional pet dog (see Health and Behavior Standards below)
  • Register all co-op breeding dogs and offspring in the co-op’s database
  • Commit to performing recommended health and genetic tests, only breeding dogs that meet minimum standards and sharing the results to an open database
  • Follow a defined puppy raising protocol, and provide evidence of it  

Breeding Standards: Health

Members are expected to prioritize health and function over breed standards or appearance. The standards listed below are intended as guidelines and goals. 

  • Comprehensive genetic panel (Embark or equivalent). Understanding of implications of heterozygous / homozygous status
  • CAER or equivalent eye exams within one year of breeding. Breeding decisions made dependent on results and veterinary exam
  • Orthopedics: X rays of hips / elbows / knees in breeds affected
  • Non dysplastic elbows and no patella luxation strongly preferred. Exceptions dependent on extenuating factors
  • Hips evaluated by PennHip preferred. OFA or equivalent accepted. Scores should inform breeding decisions so as to produce dogs with no lameness
  • No evidence of heart disease on exam by veterinary cardiologist (when relevant)
  • Reasonable longevity in ancestry (compared to mixed-breed dogs of similar size)

Breeding Standards: Behavior 

Members are expected to breed dogs toward meeting the following minimal behavioral standards: 

  • Friendly to all people, including children
  • Friendly to other friendly animals
  • Non-reactive to other dogs, people, and noises
  • Not displaying resource guarding to people
  • Not shy or anxious
  • Low prey drive
  • Handleable
  • Biddable 

Ready to join? Apply now to join the Copilot Co-op. 

Questions? Email us for more information.

To learn more about breeding cooperatives, visit the Breeding Cooperatives page.

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