Copilot breeding cooperative – APPLY TO JOIN


The Copilot Breeding Cooperative’s mission is to connect people who are interested in breeding functional pet dogs. Its goals are to provide education and a place to share ideas, experience, and gene pools. 

Apply to join us now! 

Name of your kennel or breeding program
Upon acceptance into the Cooperative, you will be invited to join our community on Slack. The following Slack group rules apply:
  1. Be kind and respectful. We will not always agree with each other but we can agree to disagree respectfully.
  2. This group is a safe space and all communication in this group is considered private. Sharing content such as screenshots or quotes from group discussions is not allowed and will result in removal from the cooperative.
  3. The discussion group is not moderated. We expect people to be kind, respectful and professional. Any conversations that do not adhere to these standards can be reported to cooperative administrator Laura Sharkey.