Sara has been working in the pet care industry for over 20 years. She’s worked as a groomer, veterinary technician, dog daycare attendant, shelter manager, and professional dog trainer, and owns Paws Abilities Dog Training in Minnesota. Sara has fostered over 150 dogs, and especially enjoys the duel ends of whelping and raising litters of puppies or offering end-of-life hospice for senior dogs. Sara and her partner live with and breed small companion dogs who enjoy a variety of sports. Currently they have three dogs, Pantalaimon (Pan), Iskierka (Biz), and Sylphrena (Syl), as well as two guinea pigs and a geeky number of fish and aquarium plants. Sara has a special interest in education, and is passionate about providing community resources to promote the breeding and placement of behaviorally healthy, social pet dogs. She hopes to bridge the gap between shelters, rescues, and breeders, working towards the long-term goal of safe, social dogs who will succeed in our communities.