The Functional Dog Collaborative is thrilled to announce our partnership with Embark! Embark for Breeders has generously agreed to donate for a giveaway to breeders who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC). 

Embark has offered to donate 50 individual Embark for Breeders kits and 100 $50-off discount codes! We will gift these materials to BIPOC breeders who submit their information via a confidential form that can be found on our website. 

Additionally, we will highlight a few breeding programs on our Facebook group, website, and/or podcast for recipients who opt in. Of course, recipients can choose to keep their information completely private if they wish. Choosing not to opt-in will not affect your chances to receive an item in the giveaway.

The application form can be found below:

Apply Here!

We can’t wait to share these resources and highlight some amazing breeders!

We recognize that our members may have questions or concerns about this giveaway, and we are open to feedback. Please message The Functional Dog Collaborative page on Facebook, email, or use our Contact form.


When will I hear back after submitting my form?

We hope to begin notifying recipients within two months of submitting the form. If you haven’t heard from us, or have questions, please reach out to

Will FDC or Embark sell my information, or use it for other purposes?

No. This information will be kept private and only shared with essential FDC volunteers.

I made a mistake on my form or changed my mind about something. How do I change my form?

Contact the FDC via email ( or Facebook to request changes to your form.

Why is the giveaway only for BIPOC?

The FDC has heard from our BIPOC members that they can face greater challenges than our white members when trying to get a breeding program off the ground. Additionally, inclusivity and anti-racism is a core goal of the FDC. Many online resources are available to learn more about the history of systemic racism in America.

For questions, concerns, or suggestions, please message The Functional Dog Collaborative page on Facebook, email, or use our Contact form.