CORNELIA KRAUS, Dipl. Biol., Dr. rer. nat.

Dr. Cornelia (Conny) Kraus is a biologist who worked as a research scientist and lecturer for many years. For her diploma thesis she studied the reproductive strategies of sifakas through the University of Göttingen (1988). After that she researched the life history strategy of wild cavies for her doctoral thesis through the University of Bielefeld (2003). After two postdocs she returned to the University of Göttingen. Conny’s main research has been in behavioral and evolutionary biology with a focus on lifespan and aging. She has enjoyed doing field work in several countries and working with a wide variety of study species, ranging from chameleons over lemurs to – most importantly – dogs. She has authored several studies on dog lifespan and aging, partly in collaboration with the Dog Aging Project (University of Washington). Conny has left academia some years ago but isn’t quite done with science yet. More recently, she has completed a formation in small animal physiotherapy. She lives with her husband and their canine companion in a small town in Germany.