Breeder Curriculum – Core Curriculum Links

Set Up Considerations

Supplies Needed:

Mate Selection

Balancing Short Term and Long Term Goals

Planning a Breeding

Choosing Type of Insemination

Determining Date of Ovulation

Planning for Possible Emergencies

Managing a Pregnant Bitch

Calculating Due Date

Physical/Nutritional Needs

When to do Veterinary Checks, What to Check

When and How to to Setup Whelping Box

Labor and Delivery

Normal Progression

How to Assist/Support Laboring Bitch

When to Intervene

Postpartum Care

Puppy Environment

Nest Box


Neonatal Care

When to Tube Feed; When to Stop Tube Feeding

When to Bottle Feed; When to Stop

When/if to Stimulate to Potty

What to Expect From Maternal Behavior

When to Expect Mom to Wean Puppies, When to Assist with Weaning


Puppy Health Issues

How to Recognize and Manage

Having your Plan in Place Ahead of Time

Cleft Palate

Puppy Malformations


Puppy Development

Monitoring Weight


Worming Protocols


Puppy Behavioral Evaluations

When/If to Have Them Done

Placing Puppies


Owner Questionnaires/Interviews

When to Send Puppies Home

How to Send Puppies Home (Client Education)