The Functional Dog Collaborative (FDC) is very pleased to announce that Midwoofery now provides the official Core Curriculum for the FDC. Proceeds will help fund creation of future curriculum offerings.

Midwoofery provides education ranging from the basics (whelping, basic puppy and breeding dog care) to deep dives into subjects like managing puppy parasites, canine embryology, biosecurity, and canine fertility. These courses cover many of the foundational topics in the FDC curriculum, and we are excited that this collaboration is allowing us to launch the Core Curriculum much faster than we would otherwise be able to do.

The Functional Dog Collaborative’s Breeder Curriculum is intended to cover all the topics a highly qualified, responsible breeder should be comfortable with. As this curriculum evolves, new sections will be released. We hope to also release a list of resources for use in learning about the variety of topics mentioned here. If you have any suggestions for how this curriculum might be improved, we encourage you to contact us.

The complete Functional Dog Collaborative (FDC) curriculum plan was developed to encompass as many aspects of breeding in as great a detail as possible. As an all-volunteer non-profit, however FDC does not have the resources to complete the entire curriculum as immediately as we would like. The collaboration with Midwoofery on the Core Curriculum solves a large chunk of that problem.

A number of courses are already available, linked from the FDC Core Curriculum page or available directly at Midwoofery. New courses are planned to cover additional areas of the FDC breeder curriculum outline. Sections will be announced here as they are completed. For more information about FDC and Midwoofery, check out the Functional Breeding Podcast episode on this collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates!

FDC is very proud to work with Midwoofery on our educational offerings. Midwoofery is an evidence-based breeder education platform, was founded in 2019 by Ji Khalsa. Ji has been breeding for around 30 years and has a Masters degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry, including research in in embryology and fetal development, canine genetics and behavior, and immunology. She is a passionate and very approachable instructor.